No longer to wait for the orders, where the menu is accessible through the scanner and the lists are ready within a minute.

We provide the cart of added items to be prioritized in a satisfying manner to provide better services.

It is more convenient to track the status of the dishes being prepared accordingly to the prior order. Labeling the fixed tax rate of every single dish added to their cart and the subtotal before their payment conveys an honest review of our services.

Proceed with the menu to go with the orders again or in between, nothing changes the process and there are no complex options; everything is clear and obvious.

WHY Dine-A-Mate?

  1. Lessened wait time
  2. Contactless QR Code
  3. Reduced staff contact
  4. Enhanced hygiene and safety
  1. Seamless Update
  2. Smart Invoice Process
  3. Transparency in TAX
  4. Effortless Payment



  1. Scan QR code on the table
  2. Register or Login
  3. Access the digital menu
  4. Prioritize and Place your order
  5. Summarize a bill
  6. Pay online or By cash

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